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Reebok Pump Blacktop

I was insanely jealous of anyone who had a pair. They still turn up as reissues from time to time, and I *still* don’t own a pair…

Jimmy Eff – Round The Twist

This, I’m very pleased to share. DAA artist Jimmy Eff performing his cover of the theme from kids TV classic Round The Twist. You know me and these little nostalgia hits, right? My cover of the theme from The Raccoons is floating around here somewhere…

- KH

Jess Sutherland – Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran cover)

Here’s another from Jess and me. This was a bit of an off the cuff idea; we only played it a couple of times before shooting this. We’re having fun doing all these random choices; we take requests so do find os on fb/twitter if you have a cover you’d like us to try.. :)

Jess Sutherland – Wild Heart (The Vamps cover).

Okay, I’ll hold my hands up. This was my idea. I think it’s a banging pop tune; what can I say? Jess sings it beautifully of course, but then she could sing a takeaway menu and I’d be raving about it… ;)

These kind of piano arrangements are a lot of fun; that melody is really something when you give it room to breathe. Hope you enjoy it!

- KH

T-Block Watch

Ugh. Yes please.


Kris Halpin

Kris Halpin

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