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Jess Sutherland – Last Nite (The Strokes cover)

Here’s Jess singing Last Nite by the Strokes, with Kris on guitar. Hope you dig it :)

Jess Sutherland & Kris Halpin – Human (Orla Gartland cover)

Here’s the first video Jess & Kris shot. The Loop Station was a new toy in the studio then; this was the first time it was used for anything other than boots-and-cats noodling…

Tom Hickox – White Roses Red

Ooh. This is impressive. North London singer-songwriter and pianist Tom Hickox keeps you waiting for the vocal over a gorgeous, matte black chord change. It’s not the voice you expect, either. Low and loud, Tom threatens to roar, but wisely holds back.

Sophisticated orchestration hints a little towards Radiohead’s Pyramid Song, but the song steals the show here.

Naughty Boy – La La La ft. Sam Smith

Really impressed by this slick two-step revisit. Enjoy it before Radio 1 overcook it…

Penniless Cove – Monsoon Rain

DAA is all about Penniless Cove right now. Phoebe Osborne’s voice is tearing through the place on this, the new video for Monsoon Rain. Wonderful stuff.

Kooky, cheeky and otheradjectivesaswelly.

Kris Halpin

Kris Halpin

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