DAAHQ Hot Picks.

Gemma Hayes – Hanging Around

Major nostalgia hit. Another much loved discovery in the stock room of a Virgin Megastore in 2002.

Sigh. What loveliness. No explanation necessary.

Stapleton – All My Friends Are Ghosts

Man, this takes me back. Back to working in a really real record shop in Birmingham, in fact. Fuck, we were hip. Everything I loved back then, nobody had ever heard of. Sigur Ros pre BBC idents. Matmos before Bjork found them. Boards Of Canada! Ugh. Obscure to many (then at least), loved by the few of us cool enough to dig deep. When you’re 19 and surrounded by records, well, that’s a lot of fun.

This was one of my favourite discoveries back then, taken from Stapleton’s Chez Chef EP. I’ve long since lost my real copy; imagine my surprise when I saw it on BC?

If you were around for the early years of Idlewild (way before they became darlings of MTV2) then this should hit a familiar, comforting button. Why wasn’t this bigger? It’s up there with American English, ferr serious…

Penniless Cove – String To Your Bow

Ugh. This is so now. This is so England. Fuck, it’s beautiful. Phoebe Osborne’s smart, dry delivery is a deliciously sharp contrast to the playfulness of her piano playing. Echoes of Yann Tiersen too, right? Just don’t expect to make it through the middle eight without shivering. A spookily gorgeous delight, frankly.

Bad Rabbits – Sextape (Deftones Cover)

You knew we were gonna love this, right?

Bad Rabbits make some hot hot music. Wikipedia calls it Post-R&B. We call it f’cking sexual. Fredua Boakye’s voice does magical things. More please. Mmmmmmmm.

There’s a ton of these wild covers, but this our fave (so far).

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