Kris Halpin – Vocal Producer

If there’s one thing I’m truly obsessed with in music production, it’s vocal production. If I didn’t do *anything* else, I’d be very happy. My busy schedule as a voice coach has meant that not only do I get to work with a lot of fantastic singers, but I know a hella lot about the human voice. My role as vocal producer is part voice coach, part sound engineer, and part life coach. I join the dots between who you are, getting the best performance, and helping you use your voice for the best results.

A lot of artists self produce their work nowadays. I’m all over that. It’s a brilliant and beautiful thing. Most instruments can sound great even in a domestic environment. Vocals have always been trickier to self produce at home. Many artists come to DAAHQ to finish off their work with a killer vocal. Our studio is geared up to get fantastic vocal sounds. A collection of high end microphones and preamps ensure everything you sing is captured beautifully and as accurately as possible. Our comfortable, ‘dry’ vocal studio ensures the best sound quality is achieved comfortably, without the need for a slightly-too-cosy vocal booth.

My background as a voice coach means I can help steer your performance to the magic that you’re hearing in your head. I can give you the vocal tricks and techniques to get things done better and faster. Sometimes musicians worry that vocal training techniques ‘kill’ a performance; I’ll give you fresh tools that won’t cloud your headspace. My studies in The Alexander Technique, Pilates, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Performance Psyschology all play a part in me being able to guide you to the perfect performance. I’ll worry about the academic stuff, you’ll be free to sing at your best.

When it comes to post-production, I know everything you need me to know. I know every trick in the book, plus the ones I invented myself. That final master vocal sound is there waiting for you; my tried and tested tracking methods mean we’ll have the very best of your voice to mould and shape into the killer vocal.

A lot of my work is pop based, naturally. Nevertheless, my tastes are as varied as music itself. I’ve produced vocals for musical theatre works, folk singers, death metal bands, jazz singers, opera, classical… I’ve got hundreds of hours of this stuff under my belt.

I’m not as cheap as I used to be, but I have a varied schedule which allows me flexibility over pricing. It’s important that I accommodate projects from all backgrounds, whether record label funded or bedroom artists. I’ll follow the music. If it’s interesting to me, we’ll make a plan.

My own vocal studio is based in the West Midlands, between Tamworth & Sutton Coldfield. I also travel all over the UK to record vocals and voiceovers, bringing the same level of professional equipment and techniques to any location. Location work is often the most exciting, making it happen with no prior knowledge of the space. Sound daunting? N’ah, it’s great fun. It’s also incredibly helpful for busy, high profile performers on tight schedules. I’ll be where you are, when you need me. This approach has been very popular for voiceover and audiobook work. I’m also a highly skilled recording engineer, so I can fit right in at your preferred studio.

If you’d like to discuss getting the vocal down for your next project, please call my office on 01827 838703. You can also email hello [at] dancingaboutarchitecture [dot] net. You can also call me directly on 07905 858025; I’m in a lot of sessions, but I’ll get back to you ASAP… So what are we waiting for? Let’s do this, huh?